Over the summer, I was approached and asked to participate in a body confidence fashion show. The idea behind it was to showcase women of all difference shapes, sizes, race, disabilities-you name it! I remember not too long before I was asked, I was speaking with my husband about how I really wanted to start getting out there and having brands showcase that there isn't just one type of body that belonged in the magazines, on tv and on the runway. So when I checked my DM on Instagram one day and saw a message sitting there asking me to participate, needless to say I was elated & it was definitely a sign.

My experience was nothing short of amazing! I met so many beautiful women. I feel as though we were all there for one purpose and because of that we all had our guard down right away. It's amazing how that was the case and how open it allowed all of us to be with each other.

Before I hit the runway, I was asked to sit down for a short interview about my story, some experiences and what I hoped girls would take away from this.


Click the link to watch the FULL fashion show below!